Digital Onboarding and KYC

Our Digital Onboarding solution brings you a completely customizable Know Your Customer (KYC) process built around automated Identity Validation & Verification according to industry next and best practices.

Key Features

  • Automated integration of external and internal information sources
  • Built-in decision-engine with designer to quickly make changes to strategies without IT involvement
  • Support of reports visualization – customized reports with focus on key information points and elements

Benefits of Using Instant Decision Module

Based on Decades of Experience

Automate and enhance your decision-making process through advanced analytics. Credit risk scorecards are statistical models used to assess your customers’ risk at each point of the credit cycle. Scorecards produce a ranking of customers by risk levels by leveraging your data. Once integrated with lending strategies, credit scoring helps to perform fast, accurate and transparent decisions. We believe that with our successful track record of similar solutions in a variety of markets all over the world, as well as the deep experience of our team, we are able to add significant value to your business.

Personalized for Your Business

We recognize each scoring project is unique and thrive to build models and strategies in line with the reality of the business. At each step of the way, our scoring experts will walk you through the insights collected on your data and ensure that the final model is perfectly aligned with your business needs.

Empowering Your Teams

We thrive to build long lasting relationship with our partners. We offer trainings and workshops on scoring and analytics for your teams, to bring your analytics capabilities to the next level together.


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