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EveryData produces lists of US Businesses for B2B phone sales and telemarketing leads. All lists for sale are targeted, exclusive, updated daily, and comprised of decision makers. Get in touch to discuss your goals & we will compile a complementary list sample at no cost.

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  • Receive a free test list containing your targeted businesses, compare this new data with your current data

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Motivate Your Agents With Exclusive Business Leads

Your companies data is a crucial operating resource , so energize your team with a hand picked business list that you own exclusively.

  • Deploy Exclusive Business Data That Works

    Eliminate the competition using your own private data list. We track every record we supply to ensure your list is exclusive. Contact our data team to discuss how to create the most exclusive list available.

  • Customize a Marketing List That Complements Your Product

    Contact the exact industries that use your product. Design your own specialty list by region, size, sales, or 18 other filters and track results to improve future campaigns.

Access Untapped Decision Makers With Your Business Database

Maintain a freshly updated database of company decision makers and CEOs. Sustain the list quality by constantly adding new decision makers into the database as you constantly extract out new leads and sales.

  • Speak Directly With Business Owners

    Only 10% of USA business lines are answered by the owner or decision maker. EveryData will process and clean your list with our hygiene system to eliminate gatekeepers and employees.

  • Update Your Data Constantly

    New businesses open every day and existing businesses move or change their information. Our system works around the clock updating the United States Business Database, this technology enables you to have fresh leads on a daily basis.


Custom Data Sets

No two data sets are alike, Select which meets your size & budget.

Fast Track

From $399 per order
  • Total Records
  • Custom Extraction
  • Updated daily
  • Free Trial
  • Key Decision Makers
  • Specific Industry
$399 per order


From $799 per order
  • Total Records
  • Custom Extraction
  • Updated daily
  • Free Trial
  • Key Decision Makers
  • Specific Industry
$799 per order


From $1,199 per order
  • Total Records
  • Custom Extraction
  • Updated daily
  • Free Trial
  • Key Decision Makers
  • Specific Industry
$1,199 per order

Who Loves Our Data

Business to business (B2B) models

B2B Inside Sales

Managers can train sales agents, perfect scripts and offer incredible products. However, they may need help obtaining effective business leads.

B2B Telemarketing Rooms

Give your telemarketers the ammunition to generate leads efficiently. With the right data sets, phone agents will produce qualified leads one after another.

B2B Voice Broadcasters

Marketing experts running voice broadcast campaigns need high volume telemarketing lists that convert to low cost live transfers.

Business Directory Partners

Give us a call, Experience why you can count on us.
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  • yellow pages data
  • mc data
  • super pages data
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