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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your leads come from?

Our data comes from a variety of sources, including: Axiom, Acuity, Equifax, Whois, Yelp Index, Yellow & White Pages, Google Maps, Info B2B, US SIC Code, Real Estate Title, Internet Co-Registration, Telecom Phone Carriers

What data filters do you provide??

Business Owners • Homeowners • Cell Phones or Landlines • Emails and Faxes • DNC and Suppressions • Net Worth Investors • Travel and Vacation • Opportunity Seekers • Credit and Debt Data • Hispanic and African American • Real Estate and Insurance Agents • Career and Financial • Instagram and Facebook • Interests, hobbies and Lifestyles

I'd rather make my own lists

Use the MakeMyData tool to search and download your own lists. View an informational video by following this url: https://youtu.be/SETni0Jop10

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Questions for Us?

Call our friendly support team at (714)406-0000

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